Welcome to WhatIFF?, a new online Amiga magazine being distributed in Amiga Guide format for the creative Amiga user. The magazine has been created to fill a void left by magazines such as Amiga World Amazing Amiga and Amiga Report. Our aim is to provide a source of guides on various Amiga software and hardware. Recently the Amiga has experienced a surge in people returning and while the majority of them want to relive their childhood games there are others who wish to re-learn how to use their Amiga in more productive ways. The current crop of Amiga magazines concentrate more on games, WhatIFF? plans to give you the guidance to create images in Brilliance/DPaint, create 3D animations in Lightwave, connect your Amiga to the internet, create music in OctaMED/ProTracker and more. We will pick the brains of Amiga experts and users, to provide easy to understand guides on how to use these complex software and hardware. If you think you can contribute to the magazine please conact us at: submissions@whatiff.info

While WhatIFF? is a free magazine we also accept donations towards the running of the magazine.
What IFF? now has a Gemini capsule available at: whatiff.flounder.online - if you have AmiGemini you will be able to download the magazine`s latest and previous issues without having to go through an image heavy website. There will also be some bonus content for readers accessing the magazine via the Gemini protocol.

Latest Issue

Previous Issues
Issue 4 - Mar./Apr. 2022 [ Download ]

Issue 4 will have reviews of AmiGemini, USB mouse adapters comparison, how to fix a bricked Indivision AGAMK2cr and an interview with PiMiga creator Chris Edwards plus more!
Issue 3 - Jan./Feb. 2022 [ Download ]

In our third issue we have grown with more writers, this issue will feature reviews of the Indivision AGA MK3, Roadie and PiMiga 2.0 plus more! In addition we will have continuation of the Lightwave, Brilliance guides and how to setup an internet time server.
Issue 2 - January 2022 [ Download ]

In our second issue we have reviews of the the TF1260 Alpha Firmware, ACA1221lc, GuruNet and more. Guides onLightwave 3.5 and Brilliance. Plus we will have other articles about the Amiga from a variety of Amiga experts and seasoned users.
  Issue 1 - December 2021 [ Download ]

In our first issue we have reviews of the SCSI2SDv6 for the CDTV, TerribleFire 1260, GuruModem and guides on Telser setup on networked Amigas, Lightwave 3.5 101 and OctaMED 101 - splicing. Plus we will have other articles about the Amiga from a variety of Amiga experts and seasoned users.